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Recent papers written by Ramidus

Perspectives # 4 Real Estate and Social Relevance

March 2021

Perspectives # 2 Real Estate As If People Mattered

January 2021

London's New Economy in Numbers

July 2018

From Performance to Experience The New Workplace

May 2018

The New Industrial: Servicing the Services

January 2018

London: A New Business Geography

July 2013

Reflections on the Modern Office

October 2012

Perspectives # 3 Covid and the Skyscraper Puzzle

February 2021

Perspectives # 1 Empiricism, Rationalism, Reductionism and the Unforgiveable

January 2021

Commercial Real Estate: Planning for Change

July 2018

Productive and Healthy Workplaces: A Literature Review

February 2018

Servicing the Services and Smart Sheds

June 2014

Corporate Real Estate: Cul-de-Sac or Crossroads?

February 2014

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