Ramidus provides a blend of built environment, research and workplace advice. Our research provides investors, developers, policymakers and co-professionals with insight into drivers of change in the economy and property markets. Our workplace advice helps occupiers connect their occupation of space with business drivers and operational pointers.

We undertake our work for both private sector clients and public sector policy makers, helping them to understand the implications of change for their organisations. Our interests and knowledge range from the workplace to the city-region, all driven by the common theme of demand-led research.

I’m more pleased with this piece of work than anything else I have commissioned from a consultant.

Analytical Studies

There is no substitute for understanding the fundamentals. Ramidus has peerless experience examining basic principles of real estate, providing specialist work for specific client needs.

Our technical work includes building appraisal, building specification, policy research, rent reviews and space planning.


Sector Studies

Ramidus examines property market sectors (industrial, office, retail), industries (facilities management, construction) or occupier sectors (financial services, creative industries).

We advise developers, investors and policy makers on demand trends and market opportunities.


Spatial Studies

From Employment Land Reviews for planners, to market studies for investors and occupiers, area-based studies assess past and future market performance, competitive positioning, development potential and policy.

Ramidus analyses economic, social and physical factors, blending qualitative and quantitative techniques.


Workplace Strategies

Efficient, cost-effective workplaces have never been more critical.

We advise the private and public sector on the most efficient (lowest cost) and effective (most productive) use of property, undertaking briefing, prepare business cases, define organisational need and prepare workplace strategies.


Property markets fascinate us