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Kerry Harris


Kerry was involved in co-founding Ramidus. Her primary role involves managing all governance and office management issues for Ramidus, including accounting and finance, administration, compliance and legal matters, contract management and client relations. She liaises with all relevant bodies to ensure the smooth running of the company, and works with the Ramidus team members to ensure non-project matters are dealt with efficiently.

In addition to her governance role, Kerry takes an active part in project work. She has over 20 years of experience working with clients in group and individual formats, providing advice, information and research on a variety of issues. She is particularly skilled in orchestrating group learning and consultation.

Kerry provides project support to the Ramidus team in the form of project management, research, data management and analysis, editing reports and undertaking field work. Ramidus takes a particular pride in producing well written, clear and business-like reports and presentations that must stand up to public and board-level scrutiny, and Kerry provides invaluable support to produce this high quality output.

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