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Ramidus Consulting

Independent analysis for property investors, developers and policy makers
Efficient and effective workplaces for occupiers

Analytical services

Market knowledge for investors, developers and policy makers

Cyclical and structural change

We are at the forefront of innovation in methods to analyse real estate dynamics and deploy a range of technical tools to deliver insight to clients.

For occupier clients we help in-house real estate teams to audit and identify the skills they need, the scope of their strategy and the systems and processes needed to fulfil the objectives of the real estate strategy

For owning and investing clients, we undertake technical studies looking at areas such as building specification, rent reviews and occupational trends, including occupier density studies. We also undertake development appraisal and feasibility studies to underpin, for example, planning applications.

For policy makers we have a range of tools and methods for reviewing planning policy, particularly in the area of responding to economic change and trends in the demand markets.

A selection of recent analytical services clients

BCO, Bloombridge, CoreNet UK, Dover District Council, Jones Lang LaSalle, London Borough of Islington, More London and Obsidian.

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